Shutdown Measures Over Acted

Ronald J. Pawley

June 4, 2020

The drastic measures to shut down America may have been unintentionally over-done with unintended consequences. Unfortunately, nationwide riots have also hampered reopening efforts to some degree.

But extending the stay-home orders could likely cause irreparable damage to our own physical and mental health including the economy and unemployment.

When the corona-virus first hit the nation, strict crackdowns seemed logical re: large gatherings, among many other orders, some over-reaching.

Many restrictions can and are being lifted. Some Governors, and mayors, however, are exerting their dominant authority and remaining rigid on the strict crackdowns — authoritarian rule. Some are millionaires unaffected by personal, financial fallout.

Staying locked down for prolonged periods is a poor strategy and distrustful in so many unseemly ways.

Depending on where we live regarding the impact of this epidemic, our leaders and governors must take a realistic inventory of the facts to begin reopening the economy to regain some degree of normalcy.

People are losing their homes, unemployment has become astronomical, health problems due to stress, anxiety and depression has become an enormous burden on our population.

Nevertheless, reckless reopening must not happen, significant precautions must be observed as restrictions are lifted. Proceed with caution.

Social distancing, wash hands, wear mask where applicable are sensible resolutions that should not be ignored.