America’s Deteriorating Prominence

Ronald J. Pawley

August 3, 2020

America has declined significantly on the world stage as its influence is deteriorating. It saddens me to see how everything is falling apart as we move from our traditional values.

Compounding the dilemma, is the violent protests surging throughout America and the corona virus depleting businesses and curtailing social gathering.

Public outrage is surging as we are falling into the quicksand of an aimless, defeated third-world country. Many folks have not only given up on the government and congress, but also on the people themselves, according to Ronald J. Pawley.

Social gatherings once had a special fondness for affiliations, organized by interest, neighbors, committees, etc. Today, so many conversations are through social networking sites. Networking people gather for crucial conversation in which they discuss various topics of interest. Years ago, America sent man to the moon and back again. But, today, we find it difficult to cross the street to greet our neighbors.

Most young people are investing in their education and advancement in many developing countries. I liken it to stepping back seven decades ago and being on the verge of a great industrial revolution that I may be a part of. I have decided it is better to be starting at the bottom of the hill, climbing towards the top, then to be at the top and sliding out of control to the bottom.

There are so many dear family and friends spending their lives watching tv while their freedoms, lifestyle, culture and wealth were/are being destroyed around them, ignorant and apathetic to the realities of the real world — living with some strange notion of the past as if it represents the present.

With less than 50% of our youth even graduating from high school, how do we stand a chance to compete with other countries.